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Water Meters


Water Meters are used to measure the amount of make-up water added to a system.

  • The Water Meter can be fitted with a dial readout or a contact head.

  • The contact head will give a dry contact closure every predetermined number of gallons to signal a remote counter or timer.

  • The timer can, in turn, be used to run a pump, solenoid, or other device.

  • The make-up water can be treated based on volume through the Water Meter.

  • The timer can be part of a remote pump control panel or is available as a Water Meter/Timer package.

  • The timer in the Water Meter/Timer package is an Omron timer and is infinitely adjustable from seconds to hours.

  • The timer contacts are rated at 10 amps, 1/4 HP, 120 VAC and are wired to a receptacle on the bottom of the timer enclosure.

Cold Water Meters
Hot Water Meters
Installation Instructions
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