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Closed Loop Glycol Feeder

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Closed system leaks do to faulty valves or plumbing leaks can significantly reduce the glycol concentration of the system. The AF-1 and AF-2 Closed Loop Glycol Feeders maintain a consistent operating pressure and a controlled level of glycol in a closed loop system.

  • The Glycol Feeder is a completely packaged unit consisting of a tank, pump, and a control panel all pre wired and assembled requiring only a 120 VAC electrical supply power connection and a discharge piping connection to the closed loop.


The NEMA 12 control panel allows for manual ON-OFF pump control or automatic pump control by the closed loop system pressure.

  • An audible and visual alarm warns operators of low liquid level in the supply tank and shuts off the pump.

  • The terminal strip in the panel has terminals for wiring in a remote alarm.

  • Wiring between the control panel and the pump, pressure switch, and low level switch is in liquid tight conduit.

The glycol pump is a 1/2 HP bronze gear pump which supplies positive glycol feed to the closed loop. A pressure relief valve is installed in the discharge piping on the unit to protect against over pressure and an inline check valve prevents system fluid from contaminating the glycol in the supply tank.

  • A pressure switch in the discharge piping senses the closed loop system pressure and controls the pump operation when the control panel switch is in the AUTO position.


The Glycol Feeder can be modified to suit individual applications.

  • For example, a Glycol Feeder can be fitted with two pumps and discharge assemblies to accommodate two closed loop systems.

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