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Pressure Relief & Anti-Siphon Valves

Pressure Relief Valves are necessary to protect equipment from damage and protect operators from hazards due to excessive pressure.

  • The Pressure Relief Valve should be installed in a tee in the discharge line from the pump as close to the pump as possible.

  • The Pressure Relief Valve must be set to by-pass at a pressure low enough to protect the weakest point in the system.

  • The outlet of the Pressure Relief Valve should be piped back to the supply tank, pump suction, or a drain.

  • All V-5, V-10, and V-10-H pumps are supplied with a Pressure Relief Valve for each head.

Anti-Siphon Valves are used in a situation where there is a possibility of chemical being siphoned through the pump.

  • This can happen if the point of injection to the system is below the level of the supply tank or into the suction side of a feed pump.

  • The Anti-Siphon Valve will insure positive head pressure to reduce or eliminate the possibility of siphoning chemical through the pump.

Pressure Relieve Valve
PRV Installation
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