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Portable Deposition Monitor: PDM-1

The PDM-1 Portable Deposition Monitor is designed to effectively simulate the operating conditions of plant heat transfer equipment for the evaluation of the effects of a chemical treatment program.


The Portable Deposition Monitor provides direct observation of heat transfer surfaces. In conjunction with traditional monitoring tools, such as corrosion coupons and corrosion rate meters, the Portable Deposition Monitor performs comprehensive diagnostic monitoring of cooling systems for chemical processing, industrial manufacturing, and electric power generation plants.


Proper identification and treatment of heat transfer surfaces are essential to prevent decreased heat transfer and ultimately, system failure.

PDM-1 Portable Deposition Monitor, another view of the PDM
PDM-1 Portable Deposition Monitor, one view of the PDM

  • The Portable Deposition Monitor may be used to evaluate the following:

  • Nature of Deposits

  • Effects of changes in pH limits, inhibitors, dispersants, microbiological control agents, cycles of concentration, and                 water  velocities

  • Severity of process leaks and their operational effects

  • Merits of various materials of construction of replacement equipment    


  • Biological: Attachment of macro organisms and/or microorganisms to a heat transfer surface with associated adherent slime.

  • Chemical: Formulation of depositions at the heat transfer surface due to chemical reaction. The surface material is not regarded as a reactant.

  • Corrosion: Accumulation of corrosion by-products on the heat transfer surface.

  • Particulate: Accumulation of fine, distinct solids suspended in the cooling water; likely to become a deposit on the heat transfer surface due to gravity (sedimentation fouling).

  • Direct digital display of temperature differential

  • Solid-state enclosed panel controls

  • Removable coupon holder and heater assemblies mounted within a plexiglass platform

  • Constant flow control valve rated at 6 GPM

  • Two, 1000 watt cartridge heaters rated at  7.5 amps at 115 VAC with temperature sensors

  • Variable heat flux (0 to 11.453 BTU/HR per square foot)

  • 3 degree F maximum temperature differential at 6 GPM

  • Accommodates 20-100 PSIG

  • Chromel-alumel thermocouples

Portable Deposition Monitor
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