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Jar Mixers


Jar Mixers

A jar mixer is a piece of test equipment that is used to evaluate on a small scale, in a lab simulation, what is going on in a full scale system. Two or more water samples from a test system can be agitated simultaneously and injected with different amounts of a test chemical, analyze the results, and calculate what is needed to attain the desired results on the full scale of the system being tested.

Positive Gear Drive Mixers

A small fractional gear head motor drives two, four, or six stainless steel agitators. The agitator speed is dial adjustable from 6 RPM to 250 RPM. An optional digital readout is available for accurate display of the agitator speed.

Diffused Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is installed in the bottom of the case beneath a white opaque acrylic shelf. This shelf serves as a support for 1000 ml beakers and diffuses the light from beneath it up through the samples being mixed in the beakers. This diffused lighting aids in evaluating clarity, floc particle size, or effective liquid/solids separation. A toggle switch provides on-off light control.

Sturdy, Compact, and Self-Contained

The carrying case is of sturdy construction making it suitable for field use. The entire front of the case is removable making the agitators and controls readily accessible. There is room on the light shelf for storage of the 1000 ml beakers during transport and the lid has clamps for securing pipettes. A heavy duty handle on the top of the case allows for easy transport of the jar mixer in the field.

Jar Mixer
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